Don’t Hit Send!! How to Stop Your Email Marketing From Being Deleted



The holidays are upon us. For most small business owners, this means a quick email or two promoting Black Friday, Small Business Saturday or any other special discount deals to our email list. But how do you make sure your emails don’t get deleted after reading a single sentence? How do you get a higher open rate or response rate?

You need to get into your prospect’s head.

What are they worried about? What is causing them problems? What do they wish was currently in their lives? How can you provide that?

Grace has only recently begun sending out emails on a regular basis. She’s gotten a few replies but not a lot of customers from them. That’s discouraging and it starts to make emailing promotions sound like a waste of time. (Sound familiar?) Reading her emails I realized she was just touting how awesome her product was, not touching on the points of importance to her prospects.

Instead of saying “My widget is organic, healthy and a big hit with the kids. We offer it in three colors and shapes.” she should start her emails saying something like. “Parents, it’s been a long week. Nothing brings the family together like a homemade widget but you’re tired and deserve a break. Why not treat the family to our widget instead? Not only will you still get to be an awesome parent by serving organic, healthy widgets, but you’ll be a big hit with the kids who love our widget. Bring the family back together without feeling like you have to be super dad or super mom.”

Why is one of these more effective?

Because it takes into consideration who is reading the email and where their mind is at. It talks to them like a person, not like a sales page.

We have gotten remarkably good at developing mental spam-filters as consumers. That means marketing isn’t just shouting “I’m here and I’m award winning!” It means talking to your prospects like you just sat down to tea or coffee with them.

Here’s a cool trick: try giving your ideal prospect a name like “Gary”, then write an email by starting with “Dear Gary,” It will totally change your view on how the email should start! (Just remember to remove Gary from the top before you send out a mass email or a lot of people are going to be very confused, hehe.)

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