Excellent Partnership Marketing

My toastmasters club has an extra informal gathering at  local coffee shops every week. This last meeting was at a Heine Brothers Coffee which is considered in the city to be a ‘chic’ place to hang out if you want to support local businesses.

In keeping with this theme, different local shops partner with them. In this case I saw the above sign letting customers know that videos rented at the local ‘weird and eclectic video’ rental shop could be dropped off at this coffee shop.

Not only does this make for convenience for Wild and Woolly Video’s customers, it also increases their exposure and marketing reach. Additionally it helps Heine Brothers since Wild and Woolly Video will let people know they can stop here to make drop-offs of videos that absolutely no RedBox will carry.

This means both companies get each other’s customers referred to each other. Both groups of customers are ‘tribes’ of people with similar mindsets of local business support and eclectic tastes. Notice that the businesses have similar positioning but are completely different products. This is ideal for cross-promotion and is a win all-around.

Do you know your company’s target audience? What other groups have a similar target group? Consider polling are just talking to some of your best customers to see what they like and where they shop. You might get some wonderful leads for good marketing partners.

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