Fad Viral Video Knockoffs

I could lose sleep trying to show you all the “Call Me Maybe” knock-off videos people are making to promote their own businesses. From the Olympics Swim Team to Sesame Street it’s everywhere.

There’s something to be said for riding the coat tails of viral video sensations, but it’s very short lived and if you do it too many times you’ll become known for nothing more than entertaining cheesy rip-offs.

But originality that becomes so popular, so viral, that other companies and fans start making knock-off videos of it? Now there’s publicity you can’t buy.

Sure, you can take the easy way out, but it won’t net you nearly as much as an amazing original video will. Get creative, get fun! Because the problem with fad videos is that by the time they’re popular enough to start copying you’re barely going to have any time to catch an audience’s already bored and dwindling attention.

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