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Last weekend I attended the first ever TEDxUofL event. It was completely student-run but organized so well and so professionally not only would I haven to thought it was only student-run but I also wouldn’t have thought it was the first year for TEDxUofL.

If you’re not familiar with TEDx, it’s a program based off the original TED Talks’ mission of “Ideas Worth Spreading” designed to give communities, organizations and individuals the opportunity to stimulate dialogue through local TED-like experiences.

That’s a very fancy way of saying it’s a platform for bringing a bunch of great minds together and letting them share ideas with anyone interested in listening. The goal of course being that people will learn things they didn’t know, get inspired, talk about things and develop new ideas and solutions to problems.

I wasn’t able to make it to all the talks – only to the last two sections of 5 or so speakers each, but they were very interesting and inspiring.  My only regret was many of the speakers had to leave after their talk so I couldn’t talk to them after the session.

There are tons of TEDx talks going on around the world. You can see samples of TED Talks on their YouTube channel and you can find a local TEDx Talk by going here and searching your area.  No TEDx Talk in you area? Why not consider running one!

As a marketing strategy, you could help sponsor, run, organize or donate things to a local talk. Additionally you can bring in people or cultivate talent inside your own organization to actually give a talk inside the event.

Yes, TEDx is not about advertising and that’s frowned on, but saying what your company is innovating on and getting people excited about your WHY establishes you as an expert in your field. Being able to say you were a speaker at a TEDx Talk and especially having a video of your talk that you can share with your customers or potential customers is a great way of inspiring dialogue and remaining very active in your community.

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