Find Your Center for Perfect Marketing

b2ap3_thumbnail_ceramicsHave you ever tried to make a ceramic bowl using a potter’s wheel?

I remember my first try. I ended up with something that could best be used as a coin tray. Floppy, uneven, sad. But I had made it, and that made me proud. It took me until college before I learned the trick of using a wheel:


Not just throwing the lump of clay into the center of the circle, but in centering yourself. You have to tightening your stomach muscles to gain best control over your upper body and brace your elbow against your thigh or chest to again keep control.

The clay spins and wobbles a lot when you start. It’s hard to force it to do what you want. Most beginners, myself included, will give up and let the thing wobble until we manage to make a sloppy bowl, if we make anything at all.

A centered ceramist will brace against the wobbling clay, forcing it to mold to their hands, to their centered form both in body and mental state. When that’s achieved you can make vases or urns several feet high with ease because you’re centered enough that the clay obeys and conforms.

Marketing is a lot like that. If you don’t have a FIRM base of branding and purpose, it will be easier to let the ‘marketing event of the day’ lead you on a merry chase. But that leaves you with a flat floppy result.

If you want successful marketing that soars, you must develop your center and stay true to it, even when it would be easier to chase after some easy new fad that doesn’t fit your branding.

It’s hard work to learn and you’ll probably get a few sad looking bowls to start, but with practice and determination you can do it!

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