Finding and Using Search Terms

What do your customers and potential customers really types into that search bar when they’re looking for what you offer? Sure you might offer “Agilent repair and service” but a company that did found out people were actually typing things like “5890 pm” “5890 maintenance” “how to fix 5890” and “fix 5890 fast” (the 5890 being one of the Agilent models).

It would be disastrous for the company not to adjust their content in their website and blog so that these terms came up more often. It doesn’t matter how good your company is, if you aren’t focusing on how the customer is looking for what you offer, you’ll get missed entirely.

Luckily there are tools available for this purpose. Things like Google Insights, a free reference for what people are searching for, how often and when. You could also send out polls to existing customers to see what they used to find you or how they would term search phrases if looking for a service like yours.  Remember of course to offer some sort of thank you reward for people filling out polls for you.

You could also try playing with sidebar ad programs like Good AdWord which will give you and idea of what short, keyword rich ads work best.  If you find out your MicroGeN2 model is getting a lot of hits, start pumping up your website, blog and social media sites with more about that product. This will help increase your normal SEO.

Finally, understand that search engines are moving, developing things. Keeping abreast of what’s changing will help you better work with the new systems.

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