Five Commandments for Designing a Truly Remarkable Business Card

b2ap3_thumbnail_remarkable_businesscardsWould you believe that how you design your business card can change you entire networking experience? Allow me to give you two common networking interactions.

Prospect: “Oh so you work in contract supplies, that’s fascinating. Do you have a card?”

You: *Hands a card over*

Prospect: *Pockets card*

You’ll be lucky if that card sees the light of day at this point. It has been buried into a pocket of similar looking cards. But, here’s what I’ve seen with an unusually designed business card.

Prospect: “Oh so you work in contract supplies, that’s fascinating. Do you have a card?”

You: *Hands a transparent plastic business card over*

Prospect: “Oh wow, I’ve never seen a clear card before.”

And now you’re in a position to give the pitch about how your supply company believes in being transparent with their customers. You have just sealed a memorable experience and tripled the chances your card doesn’t get thrown away right after your meeting.

Here are five commandments to planning the design of your business card to get better results.


b2ap3_thumbnail_pic51421) Thou Shalt not overload thyne card.

These are not brochures. Look at this card. Can you find the phone number? The name of the person you were talking to? Business cards get the same amount of attention as a billboard. When you head out today look at the billboards – without crashing please. Think about which ones work and which ones are just too overloaded with information to get their point across.


2) Thou Shalt Harness a unique concept

If you’ve ever gotten a card from Dr. Mike Cassaro, you’ll notice it’s designed to look like a ticket and it ‘admits one’ to his radio show. He could have chosen a cartoon of an aching back or medicine, but he decided for a memorable concept. I’ve seen a storage bag company put their business cards inside a tiny ziplock bag. The point is, your unique concept, if you do nothing else, can dramatically improve your remark-ability.


3) Thou Shalt consider using a unique shape

Die-cut shapes are not hard to come by. I get a ton of response using my round business cards.  I’ve seen ovals, stars, all sorts of shapes. Just try to keep it within the same size as standard business cards or people may throw them out because they don’t fit in their card holders. The technology exists now for very cheap printing of unusual shapes, so don’t feel limited by cost.


4) Thou May Print on More than Paper

I’ve seen business card keychains, magnets, plastic cards, wooden cards, cards that were mini-cds, cards printed on metal that doubles as bike repair tools… Don’t let your mind get stuck into thinking you have to be the same as everyone else. We can do a lot for much cheaper now. Talk to your local printers!


5) When in Doubt, Hire a Designer

Designers collect ideas, they’ve worked in various genres and media. If you have built up an idea but want it to look stunning, an experienced graphic designer is a very worthwhile investment. They can complete in a few hours what might take others weeks. Your time is too valuable for that, so why not delegate?

We’ve yet to find a way to retire the humble business card. Until we find another way to pass along a large amount of information without breaking the personal connection and interaction of a face to face meeting, business cards are here to stay.

So when you go to your next networking event, think about the cards you’re getting and the responses of the people around you to your cards. If you’re not getting the reactions you want, and you’re in Louisville, KY, then come talk to me about designing a truly remarkable business card.


You can reach me at or call for a free phone consultation at 502-718-3438.


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