Five Minutes

What can you do in five minutes? Ten? Fifteen? If clutter combatant “The Fly Lady” is any indication, you can do a heck of a whole lot.

How about setting up a WordPress website?  Yes that’s right WordPress touts a Famous Five-Minute installation. That’s how easy our web software has become.  So easy in fact, than many hosting services will install it for you –even faster-.

What if you set aside two 15-minute periods to developing content for a blog? I bet you could write up two blog posts a day that way.

What if you set aside 10 minutes every day to review and respond to Comments on your blog, Twitter and Facebook?

What if you spent 5 minutes each day doing a rapid brainstorming on new marketing ideas and at the end of each week picked the very best.

What if you spent ten minutes each day prioritizing and listing the to-do’s for the day?

You may not have a lot of time, but you’d be amazed what tiny slices of your day, when give purpose and focus, can do.

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