Five Powers of a Remarkable Business Card

IMG_5049What does your business card do for you? Does it provide your name and contact information? Does it maybe have your logo on it?

Is that all?

A business card can do so much more for you – and for such a little amount of investment! Watch in your next networking event and you might see the following additional uses and powers of a business card:

A conversation starter
The card is so interesting looking, the fellow networker asks about it. A good marketer will have designed a remarkable business card to have some tie-in with the business itself. Perhaps a transparent plastic card to show you operate with full integrity or a card that folds out into a chair design for a furniture company.

An instant-branding reminder
Let’s face it. We meet a lot of people in networking events, and most of them we forget. People might not always remember me, but now that I’m known as ‘the circle card lady’ and wear a button that looks exactly like my business card, I get remembered faster and more often. This means more hugs, more in-depth conversations. No more meeting the same person 10 times and asking “what do you do?” You can build a long-term repor with people.

A tiny, mobile portfolio
How about some before and after images for a construction company, landscaper or plumber? Show the quality of your work. Artists, put a picture of your most popular/famous pieces. We’re visual and if we SEE instead of READ, we can take in a lot more information!

A long term referral
At Terra Technologies, we stuck a business card to every machine we repaired. Ten years later we still get calls from people with those machines, especially when others can’t/won’t fix them or don’t do a good job. Even after employees have swapped places, that card remains there as a silent helpful referral. Likewise magnet business cards, keychain business cards and useful business cards like matchstick holders, bottle openers, or metal tool cards stay in people’s hands longer and therefore can become a long term referral tool when at last they need your help.

 A personalized hello
I’ve noticed a lot of people keep one side of their card blank ‘matte’ making it easy to write personalized notes on. Savvy networkers know to have cards like this so that in the course of talking with a person they can jot a helpful link, name or phone number on the back – making your business more than just a piece of paper. It is something they’re going to hold onto as useful and think fondly of the person and company who provided them with it.

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