Fixing Failing Marketing for Louisville, KY Small Businesses

what_to_do_when_marketing_isnt_working_louisville_kySometimes you can have a stunning website, great exposure and excellent branding and still come up short on customers. Should that happen to you, what can you do to salvage the problem?

1) Evaluate your marketing. Have some outside sources look it over, tell you if they would buy you product. If the marketing is on target, move on to the next question.

2) Reconsider your sales. Are you targeting the right prospects, the right audience? Where in the sales funnel are you leaking? Is it the top, aka are you just not getting enough prospects to pull from? Is it the middle, aka are prospect showing initial interest and then drifting away without making a buy? Is it in your final close?

Is it the close? Consider tactics to remedy, patch or improve any problems.

3) Test your product. Is it priced right? Is it high enough quality? Is there a need or desire for it? Is it good? Don’t just apply this consideration to your physical product or service but also to your building, your attire, your customer service, etc.

4) Balance your time. One common problem with getting customers is that a small business, especially a solo-prenuer, will spend a lot of time selling, then stop it all to get projects done and products out the door. Then when the rush is over they suddenly realize they haven’t been keeping up with their sales, and have no new prospects in the hopper. Make sure you’re keeping a balance of time on both sides of your business.

5) When in doubt, get professional advice. There are many people in Louisville, KY who are trained in spotting problems you may be too close to see. Their breadth of experience is well worth the investment of time and money.

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