Free Fonts

These days there are plenty of fonts you can get access to for free. Some are very hard to read or frankly a bit cheesy, but there are plenty of high-quality, legible and very effective fonts.

You’re not restricted to whatever fonts your software comes with. In fact even the internet/websites/emails are beginning to be able to handle a larger variety of fonts. Do be warned that on websites/emails if your receiver doesn’t have the font you used, the font will default to something like Arial.

However, when dealing with print materials or graphics, a larger library of fonts can be very helpful in sparking creativity!

Today, I’d like to give you a list to get you started on your font journey. Many of these sites get their money for hosting either through lots of web ads (make certain your anti virus is up to date!) or through donations. If the latter, do please consider giving them a bit of money to keep things going.

Please be aware many other “free font” sites are for personal use only. Usually a small fee can be paid for commercial use.

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