From Blah to WOW

I got this idea from one of my favorite idea-guys Scott Ginsberg: How boring is your email signature? Does it do anything but the basics it was designed for? I mean really a logo, tagline and some contact info is usually about the extent of what I see on email signatures, if that .

We’re not talking about just adding links to your social media, try to think bigger!

Make a bold title for yourself like “Fan-thusiast” or “Customer Fun Expert” or something else completely out of the normal realm of what people expect. Wrap your signature around it, maybe you have a link to a funny video that makes your point or a clever bit of text… but it should be something unusual, something to wow us.

For that matter, what about your voice mail message? “You’ve reached my voice mail please leave a message” is often as good as we get. How can you spice it up? Give it some memorability!

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