Full Disclosure: I Hate the Brush Script Font

Okay, maybe hate is a strong term and this font certainly gets a bad rep. It’s not Brush Script’s fault it’s been so misused. It’s the fault of every non-design professional who has thought it would be a great idea to use Brush Script to make a letter ‘look like it was written in handwriting’.

But it doesn’t.

It doesn’t look like it was done in handwriting. It looks like it was done using the Brush Script font. Brush Script is thicker than most handwriting, it’s too uniform and it’s hard to read in long paragraphs.

Long story short: writing your whole letter in Brush Script looks unprofessional.

Handwriting fonts in general shouldn’t be used for long letters, especially not for important letters to customers or prospects. If you want the personal touch go for –real- handwriting. If you don’t have the time, please use one of the standard fonts like Times New Roman, Helvetica or Arial.

You might say ‘well then what are those cursive fonts for?’ I say to you they are for designing elements: for short sentences like “Act Now” or “We hope to see you there!” or “Coming Soon!”.


Please, please stop abusing this poor font.

P.s. While we’re at it, Comic Sans MS could use a break too.

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