Fusion Marketing Speaker: Fusing old school and new age techniques.

Monday I was blessed enough to get in to listen to speaker Jennifer Bagley, CEO of Compliments International.  While somewhat out of her city element in Kentucky and Indiana, her information was definitely worth while.

She was stunned to see locals here still purchased items from print media and said that everywhere else she’s gone not a single hand has raised when she asked.  Still interestingly almost everyone had bought from magazines – not brochures or other print advertising.

Jennifer’s point was this: look at our multitasking ever-reaching teenagers and see their networking and dynamic exposure to the digital world.  They are our competition in a few years.  They are who we should emulate and expand on.

She spoke about a website needing to be dynamic and be a ‘launching pad’ communication source to all the social media like Twitter, Digg, Stumble Upon, Facebook, etc.  I’m going to be doing some research on a few websites I’ve helped work on and give you an update on her techniques and where we can improve our sites.

If you’re interested in hearing what Jennifer has to say, you might check out her live broadcasts at http://www.civideoblog.com/

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