Get in a hurry… to take a nap

You are no good to anyone as just a warm body.  Chances are you’re supposed to be energetic or at least creative and vibrant in your daily work – especially if you’re in sales or marketing!

I’m as guilty as everyone for those occasional extra late nights and groggy mornings.  Caffeine is only going to do so much as a substitute.  Consider giving yourself a few breaks in the day.  You probably already do sneak them – to check your personal emails, browse a favorite website or chat with co-workers.

Here are some ideas for breaks that will invigorate you:

1) A 15 minute nap. Set your cellphone alarm and rest your eyes in a quiet place. You probably won’t sleep, but just letting your mind and body rest can give you a boost. Try pushing out thoughts of work, perhaps listen to an self development book while you shut your eyes.

2) A walk. Set that alarm again but this time for half the time. Go out for a brisk walk and when the alarm rings, you know it’s time it turn around so you’ll be back in 15 minutes.  Not only will a 15 minute walk burn off about 50 calories (~ 1 apple) the reinvigorated pumping heart and fresh air will bring you in more alert and ready to tackle your projects.

3) A snack. Remember that apple? A little sugar can give you a lift while some protein like peanut butter will stave off the munchies later. Don’t eat blindly in front of your desk – only aware you’ve eaten by the sudden emptiness on your plate. Instead, focus on what you’re eating. Look at it, take time to pay attention to how it tastes. Enjoy the moment.  That focus will transfer in other efforts and it gives you something mundane to break any rut you were in.

4) Something you love. I love to sing, when things get really tough, I’ll go outside and sing at the top of my lungs to help vent.  Added benefit of a lot of deep breaths is all that lovely fresh air!  Sometimes I’ll take a break and write a blog I got inspired to do.  Other times I’ll stop and just doodle on a sketchpad, letting my mind wander.

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