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b2ap3_thumbnail_riverboateventOn June 22nd Rough River Lake celebrated its second annual ‘Cardboard Boat Regatta,’ one of many local traditions and fun activities during the summer. Some of the boast were amazingly colorful and creative. Boats included themes like pirates, minecraft, lake monsters, land sharks, rubber duckies and more. Competition dressed up, acted out, and general had a fantastic time wondering who would win, who would sink, and who would comically fall out of their boat.

While the boat voted “most likely to sink” didn’t in fact sink, a fascinating win came from “the most entertaining” which was won by the “River Shack Vikings.” Their viking boat was fantastic, and their outfits hilarious, clearly the Saettle family was dedicated to drawing a crowd.

Not just a crowd for their boat though, because Rubbie’s River Shack is a popular local restaurant! In addition to the boat’s name, each Viking helmet (also fashioned out of cardboard) bore Rubbie’s River Shack’s signature logo.

This is a case of really hitting your target audience. If anyone visiting hadn’t heard of that restaurant before, they do now!

What community events could your company be a part of that would hit your target demographic?

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