Getting the Most Bang Out of News Articles

b2ap3_thumbnail_mhAQKB8Chances are unless your business hosts a lot of events or is regularly relevant to current news, your business isn’t going to get into the news that often. So when it does (check out our on post on PR) what do you do with the success?

Here are a few ideas for getting the most bang out of news articles about your business.

  1. Immediately send out an email, Facebook post, Tweet, etc with links to the digital version Encourage people to share the article.
  2. Collect a lot of copies, send to potential prospects you’ve been courting, if relevant.
  3. Professionally frame the article to put up in your place of business.
  4. Repost the article, with permission, on your own website so that it will always be available and easy to find for new visitors to your website.
  5. Write nice feedback, or even send a thank you letter to the reporter for covering your story. This may improve your relationship and increase chances of getting another news story later.
  6. Print out copies and send to prospects with any advertising you’re doing, to prove you’re a legitimate company that does what they say.

Getting an article in the paper is just the start. Don’t rest on your laurels. Get out there and make things happen!


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