Give Your Content a Spin

The hardest thing to promote is yourself or something you are responsible for creating. Even designers have the most difficult time designing for themselves. However, while many business people understand they need someone to help them with polishing their ‘look’ few realize the need for revisiting and polishing their marketing text. (Bodies of text are often called ‘copy’.)

I get it. It’s hard to get the words right to both convey the facts and tell a compelling story to the communities you want to reach. Remember, you are the boss of your product/service so you have to make the first valiant attempt at getting the words onto paper. Just like a rough sketch of a marketing layout, it won’t have to be super slick or refined.

Just… don’t stop there ok?

Revisit your copy every few days, preferably during a period of the day when you are least interrupted and most productive. After that, run it by other people – lots of other people. We all have an innate sense of what sounds good or doesn’t, and a multi-faceted approach to figuring that out will help hone your message.

There are many services that will take your copy and rewrite it with a great deal of marketing buzz and panache, which might be something you want to consider. Or, more cheaply, you might hire a freelance writer to rev up your text for cheaper. If you’re lucky, maybe you have a few people either in your company or in your friends and family who have an expertise in this field.

Whatever you do, don’t leave your first draft well enough alone. Even the best writers go over their work several times and get feedback!

The good news is that with practice, mimicking other good messages and getting a better handle on the vernacular of your target audience you can become confident and exceptional in your own ability to write excellent copy.

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