Review: Go-Getter by Peter Kyne

Down and Dirty: 4 out of 5

A beautiful addictive story about how to become and recognize a true go-getter in life.

If you get this book, I highly recommend getting the one that is now being published and forwarded by Dave Ramsey and the Lampo Publishing Group.  This particular version not only explains the history of Ramsey finding this book but also has many of the notes and take-aways Ramsey himself got from the book.

Peter Kyne’s very, very old book is a short story about a retired shareholder who ‘helps’ his son and the other current business powers repair the damage of three bad over-seas leadership choices by finding a true go-getter for the job.  The old style of the book is intriguing and while it may take a little while to get fully into the book, I found once I did that I didn’t stop reading until the story was completely over!

It’s an easy read with an interesting story. Above all else if you only get the idea of “Chasing the Blue Vase” you’ll have gotten something very worthwhile from this brief tale.

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