Great Marketers Have a Special Mix of Expertise

sheepWhat sort of staff should a small business be looking for, marketing-wise?

I meet so many companies who hire a graphic designer without considering that artistic skill doesn’t always mean they’re prepared or knowledgeable in all the other nuts and bolts of marketing.

At the same time I see others hiring essentially salespeople with lots of people-skills but not a lot of understanding of how to build the foundation for people to feel comfortable and interested in listening to a ‘pitch’ or some other type of sales.

I recently read an excellent article by Alica Kan in which she gives perhaps the perfect analogy to what marketing is all about. She likens a marketer’s job to preparing a restaurant and setting the stage for the very best chance that a customer will want to make a sale. That’s the ambiance, the service, the food quality, the positioning of tables, the menu, the customer service – the entire experience.

That’s not a position easily filled. Certainly not by someone who just has experience in sales or just has experience in graphic design. I say this as someone who was thrust into a marketing position with only graphic design experience myself. That was a bit hair-raising! Not to toot my horn, but it’s clear I rose to the challenge and evolved, adapted and learned how to make marketing really work for small businesses.

I loved Alicia’s ‘Sheep Question’ she talked about when interviewing for a really good professional marketer for your business. Check it out on her blog post here!

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