Holiday Cards

Gosh, I hope you’re already working on getting your holiday cards out if you mean to send them at all. If not, here are some basics on how to get them out in time for the holidays.

  1. Get an address list together. Ideally in an excel sheet or exported from your database into a ‘CSV’ or other spreadsheet file.
  2. Not that you know how many cards you need you can choose to either purchase cards from one of those bulk card suppliers or to make your own. Vistaprint offers customized holiday cards at between $0.47 – $1.50 per card. Gotprint will print cards for about $0.44 per card. Alternatively you might try shopping local discount shops like dollar stores and picking up some super cheap envelope/card boxes. They won’t have your company name on them, but if you sign them they’ll be just as good.
  3. Buy stamps, envelopes and labels.
  4. Print out the addresses onto labels. Also print up labels for the return address.
  5. Rope someone into signing, stuffing and sealing the holiday cards into envelopes. Then stamp and label the envelopes.
  6.  Mail out! I advise you to have mailed everything out by November 30th to be sure your cards reach during one of the busiest times for the post office.

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