How Expensive Does Your Camera Need to Be?

Do you really need an $800 camera? If you’re reading this blog chances are no unless your business IS photography. Don’t get me wrong. I’ve had the privilege of borrowing my uncle’s dSLR camera and it is delightful, but unless you’re really skilled, I’d recommend using a simple, quality digital camera that’s more forgiving of beginner things like oh… dropping it.

I don’t recommend using your iPhone camera.  The camera feature has gotten better, but like so many swiss-army devices it can’t yet beat a stand alone camera.  Besides, what if you need to send out another employee to take pictures? has a great list of 2011’s best digital cameras.  For under $300 you can get a very, very nice camera.  To be completely honest I’m partial to Fuji cameras myself, but if Canon is really upping their tech and quality who am I to say no? Another place to look for both good deals and good reviews is or  With the holidays coming you can bet there will be plenty of cameras on sale.  Armed with some brand and model know-how you could very likely get a fantastic camera even cheaper than usual!

Don’t forget Cyber Monday, which is the Monday after Black Friday, for finding some great online deals at your own leisure. You can sign up with various camera-supplying websites for email deals as well so you won’t miss out when your choice camera goes on sale.

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