How Long Does a YouTube Video Take To Make?

mhGzGYCVideos promoting your business, offering tips and answering common customer questions are one of the largest, fastest growing small business marketing tools. When given the choice, people visiting a website are more than 70% likely to click on a 60-second video rather than read your carefully crafted front page text.

With the largest search engine company, Google, now owning the largest online video streaming companies YouTube and the vastly improved search engine optimization between the two, videos are also a huge way to drive traffic via keywords and interactive content.
So, how long does it take to make a video?
In part, that will depend on what type of video you’re trying to make. A scripted 60-second commercial will take longer than someone who grabs a few emailed questions and makes up answers on the fly in one or two takes.
In my experience a candid on the fly 3-minute video will take about 30 minutes to record with all the outtakes, mistakes and do-overs. It may take another 30 minutes to pick out your questions and think up answers before you record. Then you can expect an hour of editing for every minute of video, if you’re familiar with the process or using a very user-friendly video editor.
For a more scripted 60-second video, you might expect to take 2-4 hours scripting and editing the script to feel natural, as well as practicing the script. Expect up to an hour of recording until you get that natural feel. (You don’t want it to feel scripted !) Again, expect an hour of editing per minute of end product video, maybe a bit more depending on your learning curve.
Video can be as simple as picking up your smartphone and recording some thoughts, then posting the raw video on YouTube, however when you’re looking for a more polish image, expect to invest something like 6-8 hours for a fairly short, straight forward video.
This isn’t to discourage you, it’s to give you an idea of what you’re getting into before you start. Often customers ask me why their 4 minute video took so long to make. Hopefully this will give an idea of why.
I am not by any stretch of the imagination a video editing or making expert. I make decent videos for people who need something hard and fast. For those who make videos professionally on YouTube for a living the general rule of thumb I’ve heard is one hour for every one minute of final video. Thought that is with them acting as scripter, actor and editor without needing to do any collaboration with outside forces – and having the full process streamlined from daily video production. Do not hold yourself to this time frame!

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