How NOT to Create an Outstanding Logo

BadLogoIdeasWe’ve all seen them: the logos that make us ask “What were they thinking? Are they really proud of that?” Even worse, maybe, are the logos that we’ve all seen – but never remember. Take a moment and close your eyes. Try to remember any non-big-business logos you’ve ever seen in your life.

How many did you picture?

Ten? Five? … None?

Sometimes the best way to learn how to design a great, memorable, logo and visual brand for a small business or start up is to tackle it from the other end: what NOT to do when building a memorable look for your company.

1) Clashing or jarring colors
They may be your favorite colors, but if they don’t work well together and are hard to look at, people aren’t going to resonate with your brand. Colors are intense emotional buttons. Use them purposefully! Interested in more? This blog has an article on the psychology behind every color!

2) Not designing for the square and rectangle standard needs
Maybe you have a big graphic, but when you turn it into a rectangle version (And often for business cards, stationary, email signatures, etc you will need to.) your name becomes hard to read and the fantastic impact your original design had just doesn’t translate.

3) Making the image so large you can’t read the company name
A graphic component to your logo is great, really! However, when you’re starting out and even as you’re moving into the big leagues, the graphic shouldn’t take over your logo. Remember the exercise you did earlier? Your name has to be decently dominant on a quick eye-scan of your logo or they’ll never associate the graphic with the company name.

4) Not being able to read the company name because of weird or too-thin fonts
Script and artsy fonts may look cool, but remember you’re going for memorable! Memorable means the name must be legible on a quick glance. Also keep in mind your audience. A lot of us have bad eye-sight and get headaches squinting at thin font that don’t print well on a pristine white business card.

5) Giving a mixed message
Fonts and graphics can clash just as much as colors do. If you have an elegant, old-style graphic and then use a funky kid-friendly font… and then put that font next to a completely all-serious serif font below that… well… You end up with a logo that doesn’t know if it’s targeting the rich, the parents of young children or corporate professionals. Color, graphic and font need to meld together to equally and purposefully convey your message visually!

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PS: This logo was modified from a free design on on account of me not wanting to use real logos and upset anyone or hurt their feelings. We all start somewhere and you should be proud your logo has gotten you where you are today. It may simply now be time to build on your previous success!


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