How Often Should your Update Your Website?

b2ap3_thumbnail_websiteA website is no longer effective as just a digital version of your brochure. That’s better than not having any online presence at all (there’s no excuse to NOT have a website!), but you won’t be impressing our internet savvy prospects with a stagnant website.

When I worked for TTI, Torvac and Eagle Instruments I recommended updating the look, feel and content of the website once every year or two. If your company is small and active, chances are you’ve developed a new focus, new programs, new offerings and new material by then.

I highly recommend, bare minimum, a monthly blog post to keep the site from looking like an abandoned ghost town.

However, if you’re hoping to get some serious organic traffic, you should be attending to your website like an expert gardener tends to their plots. As soon as the website is completed you should be looking for additional ways to get in your key words, to polish your content, to enhance the look and feel of the website.

In short, a successful website is never truly ‘complete’. The website this blog is a part of gets regular blogs every week. On top of that, new content or adjustments to content happens every few weeks as issues arise, as ideas occur to me and as I get further feedback from prospects and colleagues.

I’m already working on a new front page concept that will better streamline information to a new visitor.

This organic growth of a website is the reason I’m a big fan of CMS programs like WordPress. They’re easy for anyone to edit, especially if you edit them regularly to keep in practice. If you’re stuck with a basic HTML website that you can’t edit, maybe this summer is the time to consider remaking your website in WordPress. I have a very basic beginner’s guide that takes you through purchasing a domain, hosting and installing WordPress on my freebies page. I encourage you to check it out.

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