How to Boost Holiday Sales with a “Badass Gotta Have it Now” Seasonal Package



The holidays are coming. Are you ready? Don’t get stuck panicking about Black Friday the day before Thanksgiving. By thinking and planning your deals now you’ll be able to set work aside and enjoy family during the holidays – all while boosting your profits.

Start by Thinking like Your Customer

Is their spouse shopping for them? Are they shopping for their kids? Are they shopping for themselves? (Studies have shown there is a lot of self-treating going on during the holidays now.) If someone was talking to you, what would be the key phrases or problems they’d tell you that would make you realize they need your product or service?

Always Add Something Physical / Package it for the Holidays

Maybe you’re selling post-holiday retreats, gift certificates or other service-based items. Well that’s fun and all, but it can be a little underwhelming to gift an envelope as the big present. One fantastic wellness coaching company also sells healthy dip mixes. For the holidays, why not put those dip mixes in food-safe bulb ornaments as an add-on to go along with a 3-month wellness coaching package?

Keep Value High, Cost Reasonable

Only you know what reasonable means for your prospects, but just because their budget is low doesn’t mean you have to give them a $1000 package for $100. Why not build a $100 package and throw in some extras that, while adding value, won’t take much more out of you. For instance, adding a copy of my Brand Builder Tool and Organic SEO Guide won’t cost more for me, as I’ve already created them, but they are great for a “Jump Into the New Year Feet First” concept and add a lot of helpful value.

Scarcity is a High Motivator

I’m not saying be manipulative here, but be aware of what you can legitimately afford to do during the holidays. Maybe that’s just 10 – 50 packages, you know your number. The more limited, the more urgency you create, helping prospects who want it but are prone to wander around and forget, to take action now.  You can also achieve this by offering this particular deal for a limited time, or having an absolute date in which something must be ordered so that it can be delivered in time for gift giving. Want to be extra nice? Why not add special add on freebies when something is ordered by the early bird deadline? Maybe something for the purchaser themselves?

Have a Great Return Policy

Nothing will turn off a potential gift shopper faster than not being sure if their true love will like it. If they know that their recipient can exchange it for something else if they totally flubbed guessing what was a good fit, then you’ve again made it easier for them to buy during the holidays. You see these policies crop up all over the place during this season, usually extending returns until January 31st. It’s an easy bit of security for them and percentage wise it’s not a huge risk for you.

Make it Easy to Buy

Don’t make your potential customer leap through a hundred hoops to buy something. Make it easy, safe and secure. Test the user experience. Want some feedback? Have a friend try to buy it or even try a free user testing site like


Increase Holiday Sales – With Feeling Like a Scrooge

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