How to Create Compelling, Keyword-Rich, Search Engine Optimized Content

7K0A0108If you spoken with any marketer in the last ten years, chances are you’ve heard the phrase “Content is King” or “Content, Content, Content!” You might be (hopefully mentally) screaming “I don’t have TIME to make content!” or “I’m a terrible writer!”

What I’ve found is often it just feels like a time sink because you don’t have the path to take you through a simple process to understand your audience and focus on the questions and concerns that matter to them.

Today we’re going to cover the FOCUS exercise, and then next week I’ll cover several brainstorming sessions for content if you’re still feeling uncertain where to start.

First, figure out who your ideal customer is. What gender are they, how old are they? What’s their lifestyle (ie do they have kids, live alone, pets, hobbies, etc). What is their yearly income?

Second determine at least three major challenges relating to your business that your ideal customers are most focused on right now. Have you spoken with these people before, if so, think about the common phrases they use to describe their symptoms and problems. For instance, for me, my ideal client almost always say some rendition of “I’m too overwhelmed” or “I’m just too busy.” These are GREAT content titles and subjects. Think if you wrote a blog titled “Marketing Tips for Busy Entrepreneurs with No Time.”

Next, list what you offer and what the physical benefits of those products or services are. Then describe the emotional/less tangible benefits like peace of mind, joy, etc.

Take time to describe how what you offer solves the customer’s challenges and therefor gives the emotional/intangible benefits. These seeds of stories are great for content. Don’t forget to include how the customers feel afterwards, people want to buy in to the final results!


If you’ve completed the questions above you’ve just done something most small business owners never manage: gained FOCUS!

It’s easy for use to want to play with the blinders on and not really hone in on who our customers are and what they most need and want from us. Now that you’ve focused on your audience and what they’re consciously or unconsciously looking to have answered, you can start developing compelling content that will resonate with them and help attract and connect other like-minded prospects.

Still need help? Coaching through this and helping evolve this process even further without a huge time investment for you is what I do. Sign up for a free Get Acquainted Call today and together we’ll find the perfect solution for your marketing and content creation needs.

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