How to Get a Great Logo Made

b2ap3_thumbnail_highlighterStep One:

Collect logos you like. Logos from your industry and not in your industry. Try to figure out why you like them. Why they say to you.

Step Two:

Collect the big ideas of your company, the principles you stand for, the passions, the service, the products, the features and the benefits.

Step Three:

Find a graphic designer who cares about the first two steps. Who would ask you questions like “What sets you apart from your competition”. If all they ask is “What color do you want it?” you’re in the wrong place. The designer must have examples that you like, so you know they can breath life into your vision.

Step Four:

Review the examples given, take an active interest in why the designer picked different things and what parts you do and don’t like. Revision is necessary.

Step Five:

Be sure to get the vector as well as the jpeg formats of your logo. You might know or care to know how to open a .eps or .ai file, but the next designer will love you for having it.

Step Six:

Don’t modify your logo without another designer to help you! Adding even a few simple changes to a logo could ruin its symmetry, message, clarity or mood.


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