How to Guarantee You Complete Your 2016 (Marketing) Resolutions




Goals are great, right? New Year’s Resolutions have so much support during the moment and help you look into the future. After all, as Dave Ramsey is fond of saying “If you aim at nothing, you’ll hit it every time.”

So how do we succeed at resolutions when statistically so many fail before February?

1) Don’t set a goal that “sounds good.” Set one that you believe you can achieve. If you don’t believe it can be done, you’re not going to try much at all.

2) Have a plan in place. For a marketing resolution (or sales, profit or client increases) you’re going to need a marketing plan. If you have a system in place for this, great, if not you can use my One-Page Marketing Calendar as part of my free Marketing Chill Pill. Scroll to the bottom of this article for the simple sign up and download form.

3) Break your calendar goals into smaller day-to-day and week-to-week activities. For example, if you want to start attending 2-3 networking events a month, one task is simply “Research networking events, pick the ones you like, and put them on your calendar.” It sounds simple, but if you don’t do that, you’ll never go to the events!

If you’re sending out a mailer or email once a month, break it into steps such as “decide the topic or offer,” “write the topic or offer,” “Find images or designs for the mailer,” “plug into my mailing program template or (if physical) send to printers,” “send them out,” and “follow up with a phone call or email on XYZ date.”

Breaking that one goal into smaller tasks, suddenly makes it more do-able, and something you can put into your daily schedule, piece by piece.

If you just put “Do the mailer” on your schedule, would it get done?

4) Celebrate your success and renew your commitment! Share with your friends, masterminds, family, anyone who understands how hard these tasks may be for you and will celebrate your progress. We don’t just have to celebrate the big sale. When we celebrate the little unsexy steps that eventually LEAD to the big sale, we’re reinforcing our own positive efforts for a truly amazing 2016.

Do you have a marketing plan for 2016?

It’s never too late to start!
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