How to Send Professional-Grade Emailers without the Fuss

If you can afford it, have your emails done by a professional. Chances are, however, you’re here because you’re low on resources but want to tap into one of the most prolific advertising media of our time: emails.

Emails are tricky things. Just sending product announcements and being “Me Me” focused will probably generate mass unsubscriptions by the base you’re trying to reach. Take time to step into a customer’s shoes, really step into them, and write what THEY want to hear, what THEY care about.

Services like Constant Contact and MailChimp offer free or low-cost services for very small subscriber lists and emails-per-month. Using a ‘newsletter’ format often takes the edge off a hard sale and establishes yourself as an expert in your field.

Keep one or two calls to action in the newsletter, but don’t forget the meat of the information should be about helping the customer or potential customer. Consider an article focusing on a client – either something they’ve accomplished or something they’re personally pleased with like their new pet poodle. You’ll gain a reputation as a person-to-person business and that client will share your newsletter (along with your contact information) with all of their friends and colleagues.

Jennifer at Environmental Compliance Source sends out a quarterly newsletter about recent compliance regulations that have come out and how they might affect various industries. Do her clients love it? You bet. At the bottom of every newsletter she includes a reminder that her company can help navigate all these evolving guidelines to keep you in the right. It’s an excellent soft sale that keeps her name in front of past and future customers.

Consider doing what Jennifer does – using Microsoft Office to create a pdf newsletter, which she then sends as an attachment in her usual email program. It’s not as sophisticated as a paid email service, but with the right know-how and Acrobat Professional you, too, can send out pdfs without a monthly fee


Designer Challenge: Write up a short productive emailer focused on helping your clients. Send it to several of your best, asking for their personal input on what would be useful for them. 

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