How To Set Up a Press Room Page

How_To_Create_Press_Page_WebsiteIf you’ve got an interest I getting into the local or national media, chances are you’ve been at least thinking about sending out press releases. News sources often work at a frantic pace, with very little margin between when someone decides to publish an article about you and when it must go to press.

For this reason, many small businesses are taking a page from larger companies by creating a resource section on their website for press and other publicity agents to use.

Here are some basic recommended features to include in any press room page:

1) A copy of all press releases, dated, not in PDF form, but in an editable text format. Not only does this make it easy for writers to copy and paste pieces of your text they like, it also improves you search engine relevancy.

2) A few ideal high-resolution photos with explanation of what, if any, credits need to be added if they are used. ( Photo Credit Tom Morris Photography) Also include any relevant descriptions (Pictured: Celia Triplett and Jennifer James at NAWBO Luncheon on October 8th)

3) Contact information for the press to get additional information and schedule interviews.

4) Links to other press who have featured you and if possible links to the specific articles so the writers can reference that if they want.

5) Links to videos or a request form for high- resolution video or samples of your product or any other unique offerings that might be worthwhile, for a writer or potential news anchor who would Ike to bring you on their show.

The above suggestions will it you in good stead for any last minute reporter to get a good amount of information for their covering of your company. You can do as much or as little as you like, you have the ultimate say so!

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