How to Write a Compelling Speaker/Author Bio


WriteACompellingBioHave you ever gotten that call or email with the fantastic news? “You’re in! We love you and we want to… publish your article, have you as our national keynote speaker, post your guest blog, have you on our radio show, etc”

First things first: YES! Congratulations! Getting there has likely taken a ton of work on your part and you should celebrate that.

If, however, you’re panicking because they then asked you “Can you send a bio for us to publish?” and you don’t have a biography… then this article is for you.

This happened to me when I won the 2014 Better Business Bureau Torch Award for my division in Louisville, KY. At first I was super excited and then I started to run around in circles because they needed a bio about me and my business in the next 24 hours. 24 Hours!!! So many negative thoughts went through my head:

  • I’m not good enough, they picked to the wrong person!
  • I don’t have time.
  • I don’t know what to say.
  • Other people have such amazing biographies and mine is so small.
  • No one cares what I write.
  • Everyone will know I’m a fraud.


So what can you do?


Acknowledge Your Feelings

This is not the same as agreeing with them. Just allow them to be there, hear them. Then remember that WE are our biggest critic and that before we do anything else, before we can expect other people to ‘pick us’, we have to pick ourselves. You don’t ask someone to try food you hate, and you can’t expect people to like you if you hate yourself and keep down talking yourself.


Keep or Start an “I Rock” Folder

If you already have been keeping copies of happy emails, testimonials, thank you letters, notes and post-its you’re ahead of the game here. If you aren’t, start collecting them. People outside of us often see the BEST is us, and we can be reminded of that in our darkest hours by keeping a folder like this. Put in your accomplishments, any breakthroughs or amazing case studies with clients. It goes without saying your certifications, books, speech locations, awards, etc should totally be in here too.


What If I Don’t Have an “I Rock” Folder?

Great! Get a pen and paper because you’re about to start yours now. Here are the questions you need to start answering:

  1. What do people who know me often say about me?
  2. Why do people flock to me or buy my stuff?
  3. What are my core principles?
  4. Why are those my principles? How did I gain them?
  5. Have I won any awards?
  6. Have I created any proprietary stuff (Books, programs, courses, etc)?
  7. Do I have any certifications?
  8. Am I a member of any groups?
  9. What do I think is most awesome about me and my talk?


Still Feeling Stuck?

Consider also calling, emailing or even posting on Facebook the above questions to get feedback from others that maybe you’ve forgotten.


Now What?

You’ve got a great list of your awesomeness, now you just need to let it percolate in your head for a little bit before turning it into a biography. Remember, often people are looking for a story they can relate to, so if you don’t have awards or certifications, don’t think that makes you less legit. It can help sometimes to check out other people’s biographies for inspiration if you’re having writer’s block. Maybe you have a support group, mastermind or a group of business friends who would look over your first draft to help polish it up.


It’s Not Perfect! HELP!

Oh boy, do I know this feeling. Going to share with you a truth I’ve learned recently, painful as it is to me: good action now beats perfect action never – every time. As Christine Kane says: Practice Imperfect Action. Embrace it: Say it’s not perfect, but hey, Imperfect Action, baby!

And then, click Send.


You Did It! YES!

Now you have something to update, add on to, and re-polish the next time someone asks you for a biography. Give yourself a big pat on the back because getting the first one out is a very big deal, especially when all the negative self-talk comes crashing down on you. The good news is, this is your first big step, and the next will be easier and easier until you won’t know why people make such a fuss over writing about their own amazingness.

Now go out there and rock the world!

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