How Updating Your Website Can Improve Small Business SEO and Increase Prospects

omjB4T4You might know me, I’m the gal who gives small businesses a full marketing makeover, making them look like a million bucks without spending a million bucks! While I’ve done most of my business locally in Louisville, KY and New Albany, IN, websites are a world-wide phenomenon so even if you’re not in my area, I’d wager this can help you out!

Here is how updating your website regularly helps search engine optimization and brings more potential customers your way:

1) Search Engines rank websites with regular updates higher than “dead” stagnant websites. It is assumed that if you aren’t updating your website, you aren’t able to service their searchers either. With that in mind, update at least (AT LEAST) once a month, ideally once a week

2) Prospects who find your website might not be interested or ready to buy just now. If you’re updating useful content regularly, they’ll keep coming back. This means more touches, more change to establish yourself as a trustworthy expert and more chances to be there when they –are- ready to buy.

3) It’s easy to integrate with social media and newsletters. Using a buffer tool like or you can cut snippets from your new articles, pages, blogs or video transcripts and link them to your website, setting them up to post throughout the week on your social media. This helps SEO and prospecting (link backs and viral sharing!)

4) The more often you post, the more you’re visiting the back-end of your website, which means the sooner you’ll notice when updates need you attention. This makes for a more secure, less buggy website and both your search engines and your live website visitors will thank you. Not to mention it helps you keep out the baddies you won’t want taking down your website. (Are you backing up your website?)

5) Online Credibility. Yes, we’ve covered that search engines rank you higher when you post new content earlier, but let me ask you: if you visited a website with a “lastest blog post” date of January, 2013 … how would you feel? Would you trust that people to be a fast responder? Would you trust them to be able to communicate on one of the TOP forms of communication we use today (aka: the Internet, email, contact forms!)? Updating regularly means showing your visitors you’re alive, kicking and responsive as a company and that’s vital especially when you’re a small business or a solopreneur.

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