Humor in Life

There is nothing quite like a self-deprecating comedic story to warm strangers to you and get conversation flowing.

My mother for instance is a health & safety instructor who often walks into classrooms of people who don’t want to be there, don’t know her and have to spend the next 4-8 hours with her.

But part of the marketing she’s built into her classes are all the ‘truth is stranger than fiction’ stories she’s collected in years as a health and safety professional. Stories such as the time she pulled out a metal casserole dish from the over, set it on the stove and then put away her oven mitt and – grabbed it with her hand.

She just wasn’t thinking, trying to do too many things at once, and her brain had processed that ‘outside of oven equals cool’. She got a second degree burn and came into her class the next day with a bandaged hand and a new humorous story to share.

Embarrassing? Maybe – but when you’re lecturing about health and safety and can appear as a human being who also makes mistakes (and learns form them) you’re not coming off as holier than thou. Your product, in this case safety training, becomes richer and more memorable. The students remember more of the class because of how she tied the story in as an example of what not to do.

Don’t take yourself too seriously. Remember the next time you do something foolish to write it down and joke about it. It might just become an extra selling point!

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