I Don’t Have Time to Market

b2ap3_thumbnail_timetickingI have a problem. I just don’t have time to market my company. I have great customers with needs, my family is coming over to visit next week and there’s a seminar I’m attending on Tuesday. I’m a club president and that takes time, so does keeping up with friends and the bills. The landlord wants to do an inspection next month and I’m scrambling to get everything in order.

I was going to do some marketing yesterday but my brother called from the hospital and I had to go visit him. He’s alright thank goodness, nothing some stitches won’t fix, but it killed my allotted time for marketing.

Now I have a bigger problem.

My current customers have had their need filled and are gone, and no more are coming down the pipe. I don’t understand, it was going fine for over a year, then things started slowly drying up. I think it’s the economy. Fewer people need what I offer and fewer still are willing to pay for it now.

But the truth is, this is all a lie.

This is a fictional story that I’ve seen way more times than I would like to admit and it breaks my heart.

Marketing is utterly vital to my business and to yours. It isn’t a powerful one-and-done event. It’s an ongoing process of relationship building, lead generation, brand reimagining and regular, repeated, outreach.

Just one hour a day towards marketing strategy and execution can keep a business going long into the future. But, just like that exercise we know could change our lives just 30 minutes a day, we very often don’t do it. We blame society, that really great tv show, the family needs, the busy lifestyle.

The truth is we -make time- for what is important to us. We must make time for marketing.

  • Without marketing there are no customers.
  • Without customers there is stress, debt and fear.
  • With stress, debt and fear relationships fall apart, and so does your business.
  • When relationships and your business fails, you feel like a failure.
  • When you feel like a failure, it’s easy to give up on things that are way way too precious to give up.

NO! Don’t let this cycle happen!



Take time and make a plan. I can sit down with you in a few hours and develop a plan to help get you back on track. Email me for a free phone consultation today tuneupmymarketin@gmail.com.

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