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WebVideo_HowToI have mentioned before that Google likes to give itself self-love – a lot. We see it in Google+ and YouTube, being owned by Google for years now, is no exception. It’s amazing how many people even use YouTube as its own kind of search engine. YouTube owns almost 10% of all internet traffic with over 3 billion views every day!

This is a market you should be getting involved in. Not only because of its draw on YouTube itself, but also because YouTube videos show up at the top of Google searches – an enviable position to hold and a fast way to generate traffic to your website.

Now for a reality check. Every minute (yes as in 60 seconds) over 72 hours of new video content is uploaded to YouTube. Creating your video is only half of the battle for video supremacy.

So how to do you get started with YouTube? I’ve already covered creating YouTube videos and using great lighting. However, there are tricks after uploading your video that will help you compete with all the other videos out there.

1) Make sure your title is meaningful, keyword rich and captivates the audience. In fact captivating is the top priority. If people don’t click on your video, it doesn’t matter how good the content is inside!

2) Upload or choose a good thumbnail that is interesting to a prospect – not just a random shot of you talking.

3) Add keyword centric tags.

4) Make your description interesting.

5) Adding a transcription to the Closed Captioning of a video, while a little time involved, can be a major boost in SEO – not just for your website but also for the video inside of YouTube.

6) Make sure you video has a strong call to action at the end. An offer, a sign up, etc. Remember people are unlikely to call you right away. What you want is just permission to talk to them again. If you have a video on how to clean leather chairs, you might offer a free leather cleaning kit if they go to your website and sign up for your newsletter. This gives you a chance to prove to these people that you are going to be useful and relevant all the time.

7) Make sure your YouTube account has links back to your website, as well as a link back in your video’s description.


Would you like to learn more such as:

  • How do I create a smart, funny, engaging video?
  • What does it cost to get the equipment you really need?
  • What sort of equipment do you need?
  • How important is lighting and sound?
  • How do I edit a video when I’m not very computer savvy?
  • Are there places to get free audio and images for my videos?

I will be hosting two versions of a new workshop for 2015 to answer all these questions and give you a practical step-by-step guide this March! If you would like to learn more about this free workshop, register to be emailed when details come out.

The live event will be held in Louisville, KY and include a live demonstration where one lucky attendee will get the chance to shoot a video during the workshop!

There will be a follow up webinar version of the workshop that will sadly, because I can’t get you in front of my professional video camera, will not include the live demo. It will still be chock full of awesome content to get you started on your own video-making career!

Against you can sign up to be notified when details come out later this month.


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