In Basketball, They Call It the Trick Shot

b2ap3_thumbnail_basketball“In marketing, the call it the ambush.”, said USA Today. 

Have you ever heard of how smart marketers have found low-cost ways to use seasons and events to their advantage? USA Today and Business First Louisville both covered how companies are harnessing the cultural buzz of March Madness for profit without paying the major bucks for sponsorships. They avoid using trademarked terms like “March Madness” and instead create ads that suggest the event without actually saying so.  Spam has a commercial talking about the ‘madness of march’ and Hooters is offering ‘Hooters Hookey basketball coupons’.

You can see it happening every year for Thunder over Louisville too!

We’re lucky to have a great series of supporting companies that help make our big fireworks event possible, as well as all of the celebrations of the Kentucky Derby Festival.

However, with Thunder coming in just a few weeks (April 20th, 2013, woo hoo!) I’d encourage you to watch for surreptitious advertising, specials, etc that take advantage of all the hype without paying money for the right.

Of course if you’re not using the copyrighted terms, it’s completely legal and something, if you’re local small business, you might consider as part of your own micro-marketing campaign. It’s not just about selling those prized parking spots in Downtown Louisville or New Albany after all!  Just be careful about what are and aren’t copyrighted terms before you do!

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