In Nashville, TN Today!

I’m happily hanging out at Financial Peace Plaza today with the Lampo Group run by none other than Dave Ramsey! This company has given hope to thousands of families and businesses. Not only does Dave Ramsey and his group of highly motivating speakers/teachers help people every day get out of debt and become successful with money, but have you heard of Entreleadership?

Entreleadership came out of people wanting to know how Dave was making his own business so successful. It’s both a seminar and a book (#1 New York Times Bestseller!). There are also excellent free resources as well such as the live chats online and the podcasts.

Since I’m geeking out over getting to visit this place finally and meet with some of the minds behind it, here are a few Entreleadership & Financial Peace links to check out in my absence!

EntreLeadership Podcasts

For starters, check out:
“What is an EntreLeader?” with Simon Sinek,
“Personal Mission Statements” with Dan Miller,
“Inspiration” with Jenn Lim, and
“Personal Selling” with Michael Hyatt

See Your Money Future Today!

Entreleadership Bonus Chapters Online


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