Inkling – Allow me to Geek Out

I don’t know about you but, when I’ve used products like the Wacom tablet, I’ve had a hard time moving my pen in a way that got the results I wanted on the screen before me.  Maybe it was because I was using a small tablet, maybe it’s because I just was never born to use a tablet, but whatever it was, I’ve always been hoping a better type of technology would emerge for people like me.

It looks like it may have.

Inkling uses an ink-pen specially mixed with a tablet’s sensitivity – allowing you to sketch on normal paper and make that sketch automatically digital (even vector, fellow design geeks!).  I’m including the video here because it is just so cool I want to show it off.

Clearly this isn’t a product for everyone at a $200 price tag and it doesn’t come out until mid-September 2011 so there haven’t been any third-party reviews about how well the tablet-less tablet concept works.  Either way, I see this as a giant step forward in digital artwork and, even better, making digital artwork available for everyone, not just people with all the expensive software.

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