Interesting Packaging

Here’s a new envelope design I haven’t seen before. It’s got a pull-open on the … front? Just goes to show you that marketing and package design are alive and well.

Still, as cool as this is, given the fact that the company, Insight, sends me enough junk mail to keep me stocked with kindling over the winter it’s not exactly a good return on money. I’m curious just how much response they get from these that they’re able to afford the cost of designing, printing and mailing these out to a huge bulk list?

Neat packaging is cool, it even got me to open something I normally wouldn’t open from this company, just to try out the packaging. However the fact that the packaging is the ONLY reason I opened this doesn’t bode well for actual potential customers responding/calling/emailing/signing up for what you’re offering.

Moral of the story: pretty is good, but it substance and targeting that substance to the RIGHT audience is going to get the best return on your marketing.

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