Introduce Challenge

Why not consider challenging your potential customers to a match of wits? How about a photo captioning contest, a naming contest for a new product? What about sending out a puzzle challenge and entering all correct responses for a prize drawing?

I recently had a friend send me a link to what is possibly the hardest running game ever. I swear it was like trying to control a greased spaghetti puppet. He had been sent it by another friend and I sent it to another friend. That is viral marketing. If you propose a challenge that people find entertaining they may send your puzzle, along with your company’s logo or message, unbidden to others.

The more related to your company you can make the challenge, the better. “How many tomatoes does it take to make 10 oz of Tostido’s salsa?” might be a great challenge for Tostidos. “If an imported beer leaves by train going X mph and stops between 8 pm and 5 am, how long will it take to arrive at our restaurant and be chilled to delicious perfection?” might be good if you serve an exotic beer.

Here are a few other ideas:

  • “How many copies of our album can fit on a 2 gb mp3 player?”
  • “Here’s our new album art, what should we call the title?”
  • “Calling all artists, we’re releasing a new album and one lucky art submission will be our official album art and win 2 tickets to our concert.”
  • “We’re releasing a new gas generator – which of the following foods do you think generate the most gas?”
  • “You know your lab equipment needs repair when….”

And that’s just what’s off the top of my head.

I once created a fun quiz testing lab assistants’ “Lab IQ” asking questions about how often they needed to perform preventative maintenance or replace pieces on different equipment that we serviced. The options range far beyond what I can consider covering in a brief blog.

Consider brainstorming a few fun challenges you can engage your audience in. If you’re due for a one-on-one experience like a tradeshow, you might add a fun physical element.

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