Is Cheap Website Design Really Bad for Business?


So you’re in the market for a new website. Your wish list includes: easy to use, beautiful, gets lots of viewers, and ultimately gets you the results you’ve been dreaming of.

There will always be college students or even that will design you a simple WordPress, Wix or Weebly website for $25-$100. Cheap is often our favorite price as a small business owner, but is it bad for business like others say?

No, it’s great for start-ups.

Cheap design is a great way to get something up quick. As with all cheap design, the word of the day is “disposable.” Low cost logos, websites, etc are the fast way to get something half-way presentable that can get your foot in the door and start generating your business some revenue. I even have a full e-book just on marketing for $600 that’s all about how to start up with lean design work. Just remember this isn’t something you’re likely going to keep long term. As long as you plan on that, you’ll be fine.

Yes, it’s harmful for long-term businesses.

There are hazards to cheap design that become more apparent as a year or so passes for the start-up. You’re actually having to work two, three or even four times as hard to make a sale because your design work isn’t fully congruent with what makes you unique and exciting.

Cobweb syndrome: Your website theme may not be supported anymore and if you haven’t been updating the back end for security, you’ll likely experience things like your contact page stop working entirely.

Hostage situations: I know of one client whose friend built a website for them for $50, then when the client wanted to have the website redesigned by a profession the friend told my client she couldn’t use the iconic images she’d been using on the website because they were “her property” not the client’s. This happens more frequently than you’d imagine.

Lost domains/websites: A cheap designer has no relationship with you and very likely isn’t thinking long-term for your survival. Another client I have lost her domain because her designer moved to Arizona and didn’t give her the information to log in and renew it or swap ownership. Without the passwords and with the owner email being that designer, there was nothing we could do but get a whole new domain name.

Low traffic and prospects who waste your time: When you want something quick and cheap, you’re not getting any coaching on Search Engine Optimization (SEO) or how to write your text in ways that will interest the RIGHT kind of client to request a call or quote from you. (IE: Prospects who aren’t serious buyers) When you make a more serious investment, a designer will either suggest a copy writer or also help you with your writing so your message comes clear and your prospects “self select.” The result of expensive design is higher traffic and more of your most ideal clients asking for your help.


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