Just a Fad

Does anyone remember when hula girls and fuzzy dice were all the rage for car décor? How about all those cliche bumper stickers? And now, we have the family-stickers proudly displayed in a row on the back of the car window. There’s mom and dad, the kids and, if the family is feeling especially cheeky, the pets as stick figures smiling and waving.

Such things fade with time. What might be popular now might be bargain-bin in a week, month or year.

The same goes for marketing ‘techniques’. Things like Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Good AdWords, Web Banners etc will not be the same way you market in ten years. We’re already seeing that with web banners and AdWords. The cost for these has dropped significantly because the value and impact has dropped.

Here’s another doozy: Car Magnets.

Yeah, everyone is advertising their small business with car magnets these days. They’re easy to make, cheap and free marketing right? Maybe, but that’s starting to seriously lose it’s novelty. Time to start thinking outside the box again. How about a mounted brochure dispenser on the back of your car, or LEDs on your wheels that spell out words when you drive? How about a laundry service truck that looks like it’s losing one of its baskets of clothes?

If it’s already popular and effective, be careful how much stock you give that marketing technique. That idea might have just hit its plateau and you’ll be spending tons of money on what will be bargain-bin in a short while.

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