Keep Louisville Weird: Shift Your Shopping Contest

b2ap3_thumbnail_keeplouisvillewierdThe Louisville Independent Business Alliance (LIBA) has done a great deal to help keep local money in local businesses. The ‘Keep Louisville Weird’ campaign is of course a year-round effort and has gained significant ground over the years.

Today however I’d like to focus on something I picked up back in December and that was a detailed catalog promoting their “Shift Your Shopping” contest. Here if you shopped five local businesses you would be entered to win $1000.

The catalog was filled beautiful compelling reasons to buy local, a catalog of all the LIBA companies, and lots of color ads from various companies trying to stand out above and beyond the simple catalog.

We’re spoke a lot about how contests can be used to help promote awareness and interest of your products and services. Don’t overlook joining local groups like the Louisville Independent Business Alliance. The membership money goes towards promoting to a well-honed audience and often you’re getting exposed towards your own target demographic for much less cost than if you tried to compile all that marketing on your own

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