Keep Records of Your Customers/Prospects

Of course you probably already have notes on what the customer needs and uses. You probably have an idea of the industry and company types of prospects. However, do you know how many pets they have? Children? What are their hobbies? Passions?

It’s important to keep records of any of this information that you come across. It may seem trivial at first, but in short time you’ll have a huge repertoire of information that you can review and mention. When you ask after Larry’s prize show poodle or Felicia’s sick daughter you send a clear message. You’re saying they’re important enough for you to remember, to write down and to ask about them as people.

People will do business, all things being equal, with those they like, know and trust. Building a database or other system of keeping all these details straight and taking the time to review before talking with a client or prospect will make great strides in being someone they will like, know and trust.

This doesn’t have to be something just for people with those huge social memories. There’s nothing wrong or insensitive about having a record of people’s interests. It’s just a different way of doing things, a solution for those of us with short memories. The fact you’re willing to take the time to pay attention to these details, write them down, and ask about them later will still be genuine interest.

Also consider keeping a record of birthdays and sending out birthday cards!

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