Logos, Websites and Content – What You Absolutely Need for Branding Your Small Business

Foundation_DesignMarketing these days can refer to everything from selling to writing press releases to graphic design. The truth is Marketing is one of those all-encompassing words that often fails, by it’s vagueness to convey all of what it covers.

When you’re just starting out, you might not do much for your business’ marketing. Perhaps a business card, a quick logo and away you go. However many of my clients reach a point where they realize Vistaprint business cards and that $5 logo they bought just aren’t getting the results they were looking for.

My most popular marketing package is a 20-Hour Retainer package which I often call the ‘foundation’ package. In most cases it can cover a proper logo, business card, website and website content. If the concept is especially complex it might take longer, but for most small businesses the 20-hour package suffices to set the foundation of their marketing to come.

Logo Development

In most cases this will take 8-10 hours of work. We’ll ask strange questions about who you sell to, what they’re most often like, where they shop, what they buy, etc. This helps us establish an idea of what visual stimuli your ideal customers best respond to and which ones out of those options would best represent your company in a glance. Some designers will only offer pretty looks, but we offer designs that not only evolve with your edits, but also represent your company’s unique outlook and offerings. We also make sure you have large, small, color and grayscale versions of the logo as well as a vector original file for any future designers you hire. You will also receive a style sheet with fonts and colors to use for consistent branding.

Business Card

In most cases once the logo is done a business card can be assembled in 2 hours. Again, time may vary depending on how complex a concept you’re after and how many revisions you ask for. We’ll make sure your business card matches your logo and your website so that everything has a unified feel.


A basic 10-20 page website usually runs about 10 hours of work, depending on how much writing is provided or has to be made up as well as how custom you want your WordPress website to be. Having a professional, easy to control and use website is vital for every small business. We provide training on how to use your WordPress website along with a customized manual with your own special features. I firmly believe that every small business should have full access to their website – not be at the mercy of some designer who will charge $50 every time you want to add a photo. If however you prefer I stay on and keep your website up to date, that is an option as well.

These three features are often the simple foundation for additional marketing. Things like letterhead, fliers, brochures, mailers, postcards, envelopes, labels, magnets, car stickers, giveaways, seminar notes, powerpoint presentations and videos can then be developed from having these three foundational pieces of marketing completed.

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