Make Marketing Happen When You’re Very Busy

IMG_3183My brother might kill me for writing this, but I’m writing this in near exhaustion after a complete top-to-bottom cleaning of his apartment in Louisville. To put it bluntly: the place was a mess.

He used to belittle the little bits of cleaning I did every day, saying it was all my own mess and that he only lived in his room meaning he didn’t contribute to the problem. How quickly he realized that wasn’t the case! But his Kentucky apartment didn’t get messy all in one day.

Your small business marketing didn’t fall behind in one day, either.

Maybe you need a full top-to-bottom recovery of your small business advertising, branding and graphic design. If that’s the case, roll up your sleeves and make a plan of action. You might give me a call if you need marketing help in the Louisville, KY area (502) 365-5446.

This article is not about a full marketing overhaul. It’s about how to maintain or build a great marketing system without investing a lot of time.

In 30 minutes a day you can…

  • Write a blog post, publish it on your website, post a link on Facebook and Tweet about it.
  • Write a new Google AdWords ad, with keywords.
  • Brainstorm a new mailer or emailer concept.
  • Request or review design work for your latest advertisement concept.
  • Make a list of potential partnership companies you could send clients to and who could send clients to you.
  • Call a potential partnership company and invite them to coffee.
  • Make a list of places you could present/speak.
  • Call a potential place you’d like to speak to gain exposure.
  • Request a testimonial.
  • Write a thank you letter to someone who referred business to you.
  • Write 5 thank you cards for people you met at a networking event.
  • Write a useful reply to a forum or blog that your prospects frequent (with a backlink in your signature to your website of course).
  • Make a list of marketing to-dos with priority numbers.
  • Write a few pages for your book. (You are going to self-publish, right?)

Now, that’s more than five things – how will you get it all done? Simple: you won’t. Not with only 30 minute a day. However, even if you only for 5 of those a week, you will begin to get traction! So get out there and start taking the baby-steps that will prove profitable and effective for you and your Louisville, KY small business in the long run!

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