Market to Your Favorite

What is your favorite color? Flower? Food? Movie?

Chances are, you could answer these pretty easily.  But can you answer this next question?

Who is your favorite customer?

And more importantly, how do you go about finding more amazing customers like them?

One of the principles Duct Tape Marketing by John Jantsch talks about is creating whole pictures of the type of customers you really want. The ‘ideal’ profile.  This is not easy work, but there are chances that if you are taking the ‘anyone who will buy from me’ marketing approach you’re losing money on deals.

With the dawn of social media it’s become more and more easy to learn what it is your favorite customers like to do, get involved in and other behaviors. Not only does this help you customize offerings to your favorites, it also gives you ideas of where to find more like-minded customers.

Take some time to think about your favorite customers and what they’re like. Be as detailed as possible, then start to figure out where these sorts of customers come from and focus your marketing there.

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