Marketing at a Young Age in Kentucky

marketing_appreciationI just finished trying a new neighborhood girl to watch, feed and clean after my two cats. When she finished for the week, she left a wonderful letter written in sharpie.

It was a basic marketing ploy I hopes of repeat business. I’m sure she had no idea that was what she was doing, and you can read her full letter below, but this is an excellent example of how Simple marketing can be.

It does not have to be hyper expensive. It can be as low cost as a note of appreciation, and request for additional business if you performed well, or even a request for referrals. It does not require gifts, manipulation or lying, though sadly that is often what people think of when they first think of sales and marketing.

Rather simple things like what this young lady did can be all that is needed to tip the balance in your favor.

After all if my 8th grade catsitter can do it, what excuse do we have.

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