Marketing: From Overwhelmed to In Control in Five Steps, Step Five

b2ap3_thumbnail_target2Step Five: Set a Deadline and March!

So you have your idea list, prioritized, with a set of simple steps to achieve your goal. The only thing missing is a deadline and action. If you are the sort who needs one, and most of us are, find someone to share your list with and have them hold you accountable for regular goal achievements. Set reasonable dates for yourself, everyone has different needs, abilities and priorities, but if you could complete an entire marketing idea/project in a month, then you could have all six of your projects done in just half a year!

Picture that for a moment, all six of your projects clarified, completed and bringing in bigger, better customers.

Is that worth some self-motivated discipline? If you’re feeling resistance to reaching your goals by deadline, revisit your task list for that goal. Something is likely not broken into simple enough parts for you to achieve. Break it down further.

In just a few hours of work a week you could change the entire face of your marketing by the year’s end. When that happens, rinse and repeat this process. Revisit your Some Day, Maybe list. Re-imagine your marketing dreams.

If you follow these steps, there will be no stopping your marketing success.

Go out there and share your brilliant company with the world!

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